Clearance Items

Every now and then I mess up an order. By this I mean that I finish making something, only to discover that I've made it in the wrong colour leather or I've used the wrong colour thread etc.

Sometimes a customer may have ordered the wrong sized collar, or they  decide that once they have received their item, they should have chosen a different hide or design and so they return their original item to me.

As a result I occasionally have items hanging in the workshop that are fully functional and as good as new. They may have the odd mark or bit of dust on them, but their strength and function are not affected.

To free up workshop space, these items will now be added to my clearance page, so that someone can put them to good use.

The items featured here have been made with exactly the same high quality English bridle leather hides, hand stitched in exactly the same way by me, they just need a home!

These items are ready to be dispatched when they are bought, as they have already been made. 

Unless stated otherwise, there is only one of each item listed available in this clearance section.


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