Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement

In order to comply with current UK legislation regarding the processing of personal information, the following statements apply;

1. So that I can make your lovely leather things, I need to know who you are and where to send them. Because of this obvious fact, I need the recipient's name and delivery address.

2. This information is stored securely on the server of my e-commerce platform (

3. This information is also stored on my computerised orders list. This is so that I know what I need to make and where to send it. It is also used in cases where you contact me asking for 'exactly the same as last time'. I can then find your previous order(s) and make exactly the same as last time and guess what? I also know where to post it to!

4. As I am the chief cook, bottle washer, Head of procurement, Head of finance, Head of facilities management, Head of packaging, Head of transport, Head of Marketing, Head of complaints, Head of customer service, Head of social media department, Head of I.T and website design, Chief accountant and the bloke who makes absolutely everything, I am now also the company 'Data Controller' for the purpose of processing your information

5. No other person has access to the information you provide to me

6. I will not sell or give away any personal information that you provide me with

7. I will not use your name and address for marketing purposes

8. My e-commerce platform (, may use cookies in order to remember your session when visiting my website. This is to ensure that things you place in your basket are still there when you come to check out and pay

9. Your credit card details are not stored by me. When you pay by card, the only information I can see is the type of card used (credit, debit, MasterCard etc) and the last 4 digits of the card that you used. This is so that if you can't remember which card you paid with, I can tell you that it was a debit card ending in the numbers ****.

If you have any questions relating to the way that I process and hold your personal information, please feel free to get in touch. Once I don my 'Data Controller' hat, I'll do my best to answer your questions

Now back to the bench!

Paul Murphy