Measuring your dog's neck

Getting the right fit of collar is very important, as the comfort and safety of your dog relies on this simple measurement. All of my collars are made individually to fit your dog's neck.

The length measurement of my collars refers to the neck size of your dog, NOT THE OVERALL COLLAR LENGTH.

I make my collars with 5 holes (unless otherwise requested), each hole is spaced one inch apart from the next, as this allows for realistic adjustments as and when required. It also allows for the end of the collar to be supported by the 'keeper' at the end, so that you don't get excess leather flopping down unnecessarily.

The centre hole of the 5 will be the measurement you have taken and will ensure a good fit, allowing for reasonable adjustment where required.

In order to ensure that the collar you order fits properly, please use the following method and NO OTHER;

1. Using a tape measure, measure (in inches) the circumference of your dog's neck, roughly 1 inch below the ears (top of the neck).

2. Base your collar size on that measurement as a centre hole. For example, if your dog's neck at that point measures 18 inches, then you need a 16 to 20 inch collar. 18 inches being the centre hole.

DO NOT measure your old collar as this will ultimately result in a collar that is too big.

DO NOT measure the total length of your old collar as this will not give your dog's exact neck size, as all collar manufacturers place the sizing holes in different places.

If you are still unsure, click HERE to see my 'how to do it' video.                 

Over the last couple of years I have paid for the re-postage of collars from my own pocket, when people have ordered a collar, but haven't followed followed these instructions and have therefore ended up with something too big.

I will no longer offer free returns due to sizing, if you haven't measured your dog's neck correctly in line with the instructions above.

If you order a collar and you haven't followed these instructions, then you will be charged the current postage fee for sending you out a replacement collar of the correct size.


 If you're still unsure, get in touch and I'll help you out.