The Police style 'Short Lead'

The Traditional Leather Lead Company


My 'Short Leads' are made entirely by hand from either my popular black, 'Dark Havanna' or 'Australian Nut' English bridle leather hides.

Having been hand cut from the hide, the solid brass trigger clip is secured to the body of the lead by hand stitching with a contrasting ‘yellow’ or subtle black thread, using the centuries old stitching method of a saddler’s clam, an awl and two needles in order to give a stitch which is stronger than that made by machine.

These leads are made to order. You have a choice of length (9 inches or 12 inches) and width (¾ inch and 1 inch) Each lead is finished with a beveled edge, dyed to compliment the colour of the leash body. A single crease which runs the entire length of the skin side of the leather gives that understated, professional look.

The short leash is a favourite for Police and security dog handlers who at times require greater control. This leash is also often clipped to a belt or key ring, so that handlers have a lead with them at all times.

If you prefer this lead to be made with solid copper saddlers' rivets rather than stitching, please mention this in the 'comments' section when you come to check out of the store.


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