The Slip Lead

The Traditional Leather Lead Company


The 'slip lead' is a favourite among working and pet dog owners alike. Designed specifically for those dogs who don't routinely wear a collar, the lead is applied by simply dropping the loop over your best friend's head.

Although not shown here, a tight, free running, adjustable leather 'stop' is riveted to the long side of this leash, to help prevent your dog accidentally slipping their lead.

With varying sizes, there will be something here to suit your own needs.

Please note, the length of this lead is the distance from the 'O' ring to the top of the handle if the lead were to be laid opened and flat. Please ensure that you allow for the circumference of your dog's neck when ordering.

These leads are hand cut from a 4 to 4.5mm thick, English bridle leather hide. These particular leather hides are supplied to the British Monarchy for use by Royal saddlers and is prized for its strength and durability.

The  'O' ring is cast from solid brass and is secured to the body of the collar by a traditional hand-crafted saddle stitch, with a contrasting yellow or black thread, using the centuries old stitching method of a saddler’s clam, an awl and two needles in order to give a stitch which is stronger than that made by any machine.

As always, if you need another length, thickness or style of collar, drop me a line to discuss your requirements.

Paul Murphy

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