The Extendable Lead

The Traditional Leather Lead Company


A Traditional take on a modern design.

This extendable lead is made 3/4 inches wide by 6 feet at its maximum extension.

Designed primarily for working dog handlers, but also useful for others who require a quick way to extend or shorten the length of the lead without having to unclip trigger hooks.

At half length, the lead measures 3 feet, but by taking hold of the lower handle and allowing the slack to run freely through the lower 'O' ring, the maximum extension is easily achieved.

My leads are hand cut from English bridle leather hides measuring between 4 and 4.5mm thick in either black, 'Dark Havanna' or 'Australian Nut' colour.

Having been hand cut from the hide, the ring is cast from solid brass and is secured to the body of the lead by traditional saddlery stitching. Here, the leather is hand stitched with a contrasting yellow or subtle black thread, using the centuries old stitching method of a saddler’s clam held between the knees, an awl and two needles in order to give a stitch which is stronger than that made by any machine.

As always, should you require another width or length of this style of lead, just get in touch.

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